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AA Document Services


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Live Scan Fingerprinting Services


Your fingerprints are unique. Live Scan fingerprinting is electronic fingerprinting. It is used to reveal your criminal history information for identification, employment and licensing.It works by matching electronic fingerprints and other identifying information to existing electronic data.


Who Needs It

Real estate salespersons or brokers, medical cannabis dispensaries, volunteers, stock brokers, teachers, foster parents, caregivers, accountants, security guards, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, doctors, contractors, appraisers and many other professionals need to be Live Scanned.


What to Bring

1.  3 copies of your request for Live Scan form, fully filled out. In nearly all cases, the agency requiring your Live Scan MUST provide the form and its ORI (Originating Agency Identification) number

2. Valid driver license

3. Valid credit card or cash


How much

Price varies by location. Please CONTACT US for details.

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